What is Deep Understanding?

“It is the peculiarity of knowledge that those who really thirst for it always get it.”

 Richard Jefferies

Regardless of whether technology is in the picture or not, I’ve been wondering about deep understanding: what is it, and is it a goal we can actually realize in our LIFE these days?

There is no way, in a time when knowledge is growing at such an exponential rate, that we’ll be able to keep up with level of knowledge that is relevant and comprehensive enough to save our lives. Or can we?


Especially in the face of ubiquitous access to information, it seems that we’ll need to manage large quantities of information, but still be able to reach deep understanding in some areas.

But what is deep understanding? Can schools really provide the learning environment to nurture and develop it?

Deep understanding must involve a well-developed, rich base of knowledge that has relative complexity based upon developmental level. Can we have deep understanding at a young age? I think so. As a teacher of young children I have seen our youngest children develop some relatively complex skills given the limitations of their development, and I have myself, to the glory of God.

Deep understanding also involves understanding that is flexible and useful in solving real problems.

Deep understanding is not often treated as an endpoint, but more often encourages continued growth and the desire to know more.

Learning is seldom done, finished or complete, but rather leads us in a new path. Can we cultivate this kind of thinking in younger students?

I have decided to give myself the task of leading you to the knowledge of some important things in life that is necessary to keep you going and remain sustained on top of the game of life: 100 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW


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