The Computer In You Is A Mystery Machine

With A Huge Capacity For Recording And Analyzing

Just As the Brain is For Reception and Transmission

In This Natural Computer With In Built Programmer

Your Mind is a Central Bank of Information & Ideas

Receiving and Withdrawing With Ease

Releasing Crisp Genuine Notes from The Conscientious Worker and Pure Thinker

But Counterfeit and Fake Notes from Crooked Minds,

Where there is Abundant Poverty Of the Mind

Simple minds Discuss People

Mediocre Minds Discuss Events

Great Minds Discuss Ideas

written by: Stcourage Mowaninuolaoluwa Akinyele

Cerebral lobes.png

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EVERLASTING WHIZKIDS is back with a bang

We are back with a new logo  🙂

We are back with a new style

We are counting “UP” to 1

Everlasting Whizkids as a company was formally created on December 5 2016 and launched December 10 2016…..

Practically, EVERLASTING WHIZKIDS is a YEAR OLD……Hurray  😀

Special Thanks to BlookUp, Craft-House Africa, TFE Times(Our first ever follower).

To celebrate in grand style, We are gonna list the names of our devoted followers on facebook…….

Olayinka Akintujoye

Busayomi Abisoye

Prince Gold


Ondachi Mary Favour

Adedeji Christiana

Muhammed Oshioke Dansebe

Briggs Deborah Okorite 

Hormothunrhayhoo Alipeni

Tunde Bello

Bayo Ojelabi

Saheed Akanni Onadimoku

Grace Edeh

Aguda Oluwabunmi Aseyori

Okpara Vincent Emmanuel

Obatreasuremi Olusomidotun Akinyele

Godwin Bakare

Olamide Damilola Oshineye

Olivia S. Bishop

Daniel Godswill

Samuel Itedjere

Olasumbo Bello

Kayode Aponmade

Nwosa Stephanie

Asiwaju Temitope Akinyele

Tumininu Ebisuga Samuel

Erelufeyisola Akinyele

Peace Ajeigbe
Charles Samuel
Samuel Jaja

Ehima Lucas
Hauwa Abba Yidi
Adeleke Stephen Coded
Itz Minister Fouad
Sherifat Shokale
Kehinede Semilore Olabisi
Wozygi Wozgi
Ajorin Damilola
Oluwafunmi Isaac
Jacob Maoting Mattew
and our many more  future likers/followers……..See ya at the top!
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Children’s Day is a celebration of childhood, innocence and happiness.Children are innocent, children are mischief, but children bring a smile to one’s face. One of the most treasured possessions on earth; children are loved by one and all. Thus, Children’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the healthy growth and happiness of children.

Childhood is
An enchanting vista
An endless fun
A joyful classroom
An experience
An era of imagination
An artistic journey
An ode to love
A happy moment
Happy Children’s Day To All Children Over the World.